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At Al Warren Custom Knives, each custom knife is designed and 100% handmade by Al Warren. Models include custom folders, custom pocket knives, hunting knives, skinners, custom bowies, fillets, kitchen cutlery and more.

Folding knives include different styles of lockbacks and traditional pattern slipjoint pocketknives such as trappers and stockman. I attempt to make sure every folding knife has a very smooth crisp action.

Although knives are tools, they are also a carefully handcrafted work of art.
I also do knife sharpening... hands-on with an oil stone.

My knife workshop is located in Roseville, California. I began making hunting knives in 1978 when living in Bend, OR, and started making folders in 1994. I have sold knives at shows in New York, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, California and Oregon. Through this website I sell all over the USA, plus internationally to customers in Canada, South America, Australia, Japan, the UK and throughout Europe.

There are several pages of FIXED BLADE and POCKETKNIVES. I have also separated the folders into two pages, a page of just Lockbacks and another for Slipjoints. Every knife you see on the thumbnail pages are available and for sale unless marked "SOLD". Click on any thumbnail image to enlarge and see detailed information about that knife.

Most of the custom knives I make have S30V steel blades which I flat-grind by hand. On request I use ATS-34, 440C, S90V , S35VN and BG-42 steels. Click on the STEEL INFO button for specifics about the steels.

I have run some personal tests on the steels I use and posted the comparisons on the STEEL INFO page. S30V is the first steel on the market specifically made for knife blades. The alloys have been chemically blended to bring out the highest qualities in edge holding and toughness. It also has good stain resistance. A great combination for any knife blade! A unique quality of S30V is that you don't have to temper it super hard to make it hold an edge. The vanadium carbide that is formed during tempering causes the fantastic edge holding. Therefore, a blade can be made a bit softer (tougher) so there won't be any edge chips or breakage without affecting edge holding.

Some of the handle materials I use really make custom knives stand out. They include exotic hardwoods, highly figured stabilized woods, stag, bone, ivory and mother-of-pearl. There are different types of ivory including wild boar tusk, fossilized walrus tusk and colorful wooly mammoth ivory. Some of the fossil walrus ivories are unique artifacts that Eskimos produced centuries ago from walrus tusks. For information on different ivories and the laws that cover them click here for IVORY INFO.

If you see a knife that you like, I can often customize it with a different steel, handle material or some other change. Send me an email about it and I'll send you a quote on price and delivery date.

Please click here to see MADE-TO-ORDER KNIVES or go to the top left of this page. You will see some of the many different types of knives I have made for different customers to their specifications.


Fossil walrus artifact handle


10" Bowie with amber stag


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