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This page contains various knives that were
  custom built for knife clients.


This is styled after a Buck 110, but has a beefed up blade and is 5" closed.
It has a 4" S30V blade, stainless steel bolsters, liners and pins. The handle
material is amber dyed Sambar Stag. Made for Rolando Rivera with a belt
clip and ambidextrous thumb opener. Price: $485.


A model C4 lockback with an S30V drop-point blade and mammoth
tooth scales. Made for a happy Ryan McShane in Australia.
 To make sure it was Australian legal, the blade is just under 3" and the spring
pressure is just enough to require two hand opening. Similar work for $595.

Filework on spline


This "caping" knife has the customer's elk tooth inlaid in
the elk antler handle. I do inlays like this for $25 per tooth.

For a ready-made knife to have your elk teeth put into, click here to see what is available:


A Yanagi for my sushi chef son Jody. The 14" blade is S30V steel.
The handle is curly maple and water buffalo horn.
Jody was here visiting for 2 weeks from his job at the Takah Sushi Bar
in Aspen, CO and is now using this in his new job in Coeur d' Alene, ID at the
Syringa Japanese Cafe & Sushi Bar http://www.syringasushi.com/.


A very light-weight version of my model T4 lockback made by request
for Mr. Marcus Tate in Australia. It has red linen micarta scales with
"button" bolsters. The bird & trout style blade is S30V stainless steel.


Same model T4 in a slipjoint version and a drop point blade.
Steel is S30V with a "stone washed" finish.
Scales are cabon fiber.
Click here for Youtube video of this knife


Wow, a 10" blade on a 15" contemporary Roman Short Sword.
"THE GLADIUS" with the black handles and the "ARENA GLADIUS"
with white handles.
These were made for GLADIUS USA using 1/4" thick 440C steel.
It is Patent Pending.

Here is another GLADIUS prototype...

16" long BATTLE AXES!!!


In celebration of his retirement as a peace officer, Patrick ordered a
custom knife made to to his design. This "Battle Knife" has premium
desert ironwood scales. The guard and pins are stainless steel and the
7" blade is S30V steel tempered to 58.5 Rc hardness.

The sheath has an overlay front and back of gator skin that
Patrick sent me. Wow, what a gorgeous sheath it made!
Price: $675.


Michelle wanted to surprise her hubby on their 10th anniversary with this
knife, a 4" raindrop damascus blade with sambar stag handle and koa spacer.


filework ....................................................................................backside

3 1/2" copperhead commissioned by Rich Conrad. It has mammoth ivory scales and
filework on the liners. The blades, springs and bolsters are double stainless damascus.
A snappy knife with great "walk & talk". Price: $795.


This large lockback folder, based on a Buck 110, was for Ossian Grahn
in Sweden. It has a 4 1/4" S30V blade with thumb openers on both sides
and is 5 1/4" closed. The liners, pins and dove-tailed bolsters are stainless.
Handle scales are sambar stag. Price, $475.

I made a second one for a retired police officer. Here is a report he made about it:

  Al, I shot a South Texas piggy in Zapata, TX on the Mexican border. I gutted and skinned this
hog with the 110 you made me. As I'm sure you know those russian boar are armour plated
and you well know the effect the hide and hair has on a blade edge.The entire pig was done
without touching up the edge. Even cutting rib meat and finer dressing out. Never seen edge
retention like that before. Those South Texas boys wanted to buy it on the spot. Told them
where to get one. Just thought you'd like to hear how exceptionally well your knife performed.
Thanks again........Patrick Lawson



In late 2008 there were about 30 makers of folders in the USA who were selected to make a
knife for A.G. Russell's peronal knife collection. This is a "Large Razor Lockback" I made to
his specifications. The blade is S30V stainless steel. The bolster, liners, pins and escutcheon
are 416 stainless and handle scales are elephant ivory.
This is also known as a "One-Arm Folder", with the ability to be opened by catching the
protrusion on top end of blade. I made another one with stag, for sale viewed here.



An everyday carry work of art ordered by Mitch Griffiths in Australia who operates Redhand Leather.
The flat-ground 3" blade is from a billet of double stainless Devin Thomas Damascus. The 4 1/4" handle
is shagreen (stingray skin) that is molded over wood to give it a full handle shape.The nodules of the ray
skin are lightly sanded to expose the white beneath. The bolster is nickel silver.

Stingray leather is reported to be 25 stronger than cowhide.
The nodules on the outside are almost ceramic in hardness.


Dianne Pickens sent me a carved whale tooth and requested
this blade model in blued damascus. The spacer is stabilized
redwood burl that she wanted. The blueing was done by
fellow knifemaker, Brian Forrest.



This knife has an 8" kris blade that is mirror polished 440C.
The handle is stacked segments of fossil walrus tusk.
The spiked knuckle guard and skull crusher are bass.
Knife was designed by and made for knife collector Mr. Chance Priest.


This was the first custom knife I made for Mr. Priest.
The 7" blade is Devin Thomas High Contrast Twist damscus,
the guard and butt are brass and the handle is one-of-a-kind
fossil walrus tusk ivory. Price $1350.




Designed by and made for Dr. Gordon Raile.
It has a 3 1/2" blade of hand-rubbed satin finished
S30V steel, sanded and polished caribou antler handle
scales, nickel silver guard and a black linen micarta butt.



Another knife designed and made for Dr. Raile.
The 3 3/4" hand-rubbed satin finish blade is made
out of ATS-34 stainless. Handle scales are silver-black
Pakkawood. $325 with sheath.



Made for Mr. Ed Sims, a carver who wanted to carry
a carving knife with him.
The 1 3/4" blade is S30V steel and the scales are
quarter sawn Pakkawood. Price: $295.


A 3 blade carver made for Bruce Solly. Closed length is 4 1/4"
The main blade is a modified sheepfoot and has a 2 7/8" cutting edge.

The smallest blade has a 1 5/8" cutting edge, the larger a 2" cutting edge.
All blades are S30V steel, handle scales are Hawaiian koa,
bolsters are stainless steel. Price: $695.


3 3/4" Trapper

An elephant ivory trapper made for Mr. James Culpepper.
Blades are S30V steel. Closed length is 3 3/4".



Filework on back tie the two springs together.

This shows the liners of Hawaiian Koa. In 25
years of using Koa backing I have never had
any ivory spit, check or crack.



 Model 3 Caper

Koa backing used again on this knife.





This model 3 caper was custom made for Mr. Robert D'angelo.
He saw the larger caper and wanted a smaller one. It is made
with S30V steel and is just 5 7/8" long with a 2" cutting edge.

The handle is elephant ivory over Hawaiian koa. The stunning
scrimshaw was performed by Elizabeth Dolbare.




This is my model C4 folder using Devin Thomas
ladder pattern double stainless damascus.
The bolsters and pins are nickel silver and
scales are mammoth ivory. The blade is 3".
This was created for Mr. Jack Rifenbark.
A recent comment from Jack:
You were right about the Devin Thomas
double stainless damascus. It cuts wonderfully.


First miniture

Here is the results of a model p162 purchased by Mr. Mike Ley of Colorado and
a 2" mini made in its likeness by his request. Both are full tang ATS-34 with nickel
silver bolsters and Hawaiian curly koa scales.


Medallion inlayed in Mammoth tooth handle

This knife was made for Mr. Ron Bokowy. The blade is 4 1/4"
S30V stainless, guard and butt are nickel silver, the narrow tang goes
though a solid block of mammoth tooth. Mr. Bokowy supplied the
bronze eagle head medallion. The whole handle is protected with layers
of super glue, flat filed to a smooth finish, sanded and polished.


This art knife was commissioned by Steve Adams. It is the
same 7" blade as THE RADICAL above that is damascus.
Steve requested some changes to the blade, which is S30V, a
New Zealand red stag segmented handle and stainless guard and butt.




One evening at 11:00 in the UK, Mr. Paul Symonds realized while
browsing my webesite that a miniture of one of my Model 146 skinners
would look neat with fossil walrus ivory. Here is the result using a fossil
walrus tooth, the MS11FW (Mini Skinner-11 pm-Fossil Walrus).
This was only the second mini I have ever made. In a different way
they are just as difficult andtime comsuming as a full size knife.


These knives were made for a group of elk hunters. They all decided
to order the same model #2 caper with their choice of handle material.
They sent me their elk teeth to inlay on each side of the handle.

There were also two others without inlays not pictured. The one on
the left is desert ironwood and the other five are California buckeye.
All are made with S30V steel. The sheaths have been dipped in a hot
solution of Neatsfoot oil with parafin melted in it to weatherize them.


In 2006 Matt Hansen send me a photo from the back of a
magazine and asked if I could make this knife. The blade is
3 1/2" long with an 8 1/4" overall length. The scales are
sambar stag, blade is S30V stainless, nickel silver guard
& pins. This has become my Model H114. Priced at $375.

  Just a follow-up email to let you know that the knife arrived safely here today.
I'm a bit at a loss of words to describe how pleased I am with it! What a fine
piece of work and craftsmanship. Everything, including the sheath is well-fitted,
  solid, and substantial. A well-made thing is a joy simply to hold, and this certainly
bears that out.
  Thank you again for putting a little bit of yourself into this knife.
If I ever need another custom knife, I know who to get a hold of!
  Regards, Matt Hansen

  It's been awhile since I've been in touch, but I thought I'd drop you a line because
I got to put my Warren custom knife to the test tonight on dressing out an antelope in
Wyoming. It's been about a year and a half since you made the knife for me, and this is
the first big game animal that I've gotten since that time, so I was eager to try it out.

  I can't even tell you enough about how well the knife performed tonight. I skinned and
boned-out the antelope in the field, and the knife did everything I asked of it exceptionally
well. The short, stout blade was easy to control. The Sambar stag handles stayed
  put in my hand, even when they were wet. As I mentioned to you before when you built
the knife for me, this knife is going to be with me for a lifetime of hunts. Tonight was
  just the first of many times that it will be put to work.

  I'm just so pleased with it, and I had to write and let you know. You did a wonderful
job for me! Thank you again so very, very much!
  Warmest regards,
  Matt Hansen
  Lincoln, Nebraska
  (writing from Laramie, Wyoming)


A two Stockman knife project for Steve Garrson

This is a custom 4 1/4" stockman with mother-of-pearl scales built using the
components of a factory made stockman as templates. This knife has stainless
steel liners and bolsters and S30V steel blades.


This is the factory stockman that Mr. Garrson sent me which parts were used as templates
to make the new custom with the mop scales. This knife originally had nickel silver bolsters,
brass liners and gray colored wood scales . As a customized factory knife, the original blades
and springs now have new stainless steel liners & bolsters and stag scales.



A special project knife for Charley Hanson that he wanted
made similar in style to a knife made by Kazutoshi Tanabe.
The 12" knife has a 6 1/2" blade of 1/4" thick S30V steel.
Handle scales are carbon fiber and G10.
Price: $950